Arkins Park Colorado Stone Quarries

Arkins Park Colorado Stone Quarries

Arkins Park Stone was founded in 1958 by Neil and Judy Sprague. From its humble, family owned beginnings as a single quarry, the company has grown to four Colorado stone quarries, each offering a unique stone. Located in Boulder and Larimer counties, Colorado sandstone is a superior building product. We currently mine over 12,000 tons of stone per year for use in commercial and residential projects as well by architects nationwide.

Our stone fabrication shop currently operates (2) 10’ Diamond saws, a 6’ Cobra block saw, (2) 24” Prodigy saws, a TXS thin saw and a water jet. Our professional, seasoned staff is capable of supplying slabs, countertops, floor tiles and custom cut building materials.

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Arkins Park Colorado Stone Quarries are LEED Certified and provides green landscaping services for Colorado

LEED Certified Green Landscaping

epa certified lead free colorado stone quarries

We recognize that the recent efforts to go “green” and earn LEED certification points towards projects is an important consideration for today’s architects, builders and stone masons.  LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a nationally recognized standard for developing high performance, energy efficient and sustainable buildings.  The demand for LEED products increases about 20% a year, and in the very near future 25% of all buildings being built will use the LEED rating system in their design and construction.  Building with LEED standards will always be more energy efficient, and will qualify builders to receive more work on the state and federal level.

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Landscaping stones, sandstone sculptures, river rock landscaping and more from Arkins Park Stone Quarries colorado stone quarries

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Landscaping Products


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